Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that the server has started successfully.
Without any incident.
Thank you for choosing our server, we wish you all good luck!

I would also like to inform you that the purchase of a VIP account will be available on Monday.


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16/05/2021 Grand Opening

Скриншот 23-05-2021 190815.jpg


to make the Start a little more fun, we will arrange a mini event

"fight for the top, become the best in your class" and get a prize for it!
the conditions are simple: get the 1st reset first, out of 7 classes
awards: [10bless-10 soul-10kk zen

Top 1 SM- ProFiGrM  [Congratulations on the victory]
Top 1 Elf- ProFiEE  [Congratulations on the victory]
Top 1 RF- ProFiFM   [Congratulations on the victory]
Top 1 DK - BelkaBK  [Congratulations on the victory]
Top 1 Sum - I7aI7a [Congratulations on the victory]
Top 1 MG- Darova  [Congratulations on the victory]
Top 1 DL - ProFiLE [Congratulations on the victory]

Server opening 28.05.2021 
About the server :
Game version: Season 6 Premium
Experience rate: x50
Ml experience rate: 5%
Rate on drop: 40%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 400
Max stats: 32000
Mu Helper: from level 1
Creating a Guild: level 350
Max number of players in the Guild: 20
Max number of Alliance guilds: 3
Elf helper up to: 250lvl (5reset)
Max Reset: 100
Max account from one IP: 4

Creating classes:
Sum -150 lvl
MG-220 lvl
DL-250 lvl
RF-250 lvl

it is also possible to change the class from level 1

 /class dw, dk, elf, mg, dl, su, rf
Points after reset:
BK - 750 points
SM - 750 points
Elf - 750 points
MG - 850 points
Sum - 850 points
DL - 850 points
RF - 850 points

Game features:
VIP from start: OFF
X-Shop from start: OFF
New maps until season 15.
New sets of items up to season 16.
New Wings 2.5 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 level.
New crafts to create - new stones, Pets, pentagrams, sets, weapons, wings.
New Ancient sets all 5-part sets Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.
New Socket sets of weapons shields.
New Munn system with Pets, horses, wolves, and birds.
New Ghost Fenrir and Horse of season 15.
New costume jewelry season 8.
New skill tree for season 10.
New shields for season 15.
New bosses, events-Evomon Evolves, Demons, Eggs, Arca War, Acheron Guardian, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, Ferea Crystal Orb, Crystal Stone, God of Water.
New game panel with sections-Event Time, Ranking, Command, Jewel Bank.
New effects of new items, weapons, wings, bosses.
Support click the right mouse button to move predmetov.
Five additional chests.
The Items of the element system.
Combo for all classes.
Displaying spots on Minimap.
Support for Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.
Socket: up to 5 options + PvP + Excellent.
Support for pvp options on all things.
Off Pvp command / offvp - Command only works on maps Lost Tower, Tarkan, Kalima 1-6, Karutan 1-2, Debenter, Alkmaar, Ubaid.
OffExp-AFK system, pumping offline.
Game quest system 300 tasks.
All valuable game currency WC is available for completing quest tasks and various events.
Game Economy Hardcore.

Administration support 12/7

More information about the server can be read HERE

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